Friday, March 27, 2015

Shakey’s Color Fun Run 2015

Shakey’s, an iconic pizza hub that has brought many Filipinos the experience of great times and great memories, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in the Philippines. With over 150 stores in the country, the restaurant grew to be not just an ordinary pizza place, but a home enjoyed by Filipino families.

Before the run. All neat and shiny...

As part of the celebrations, Shakey’s came up with a colorful fun run which was participated not only by its staff and employees, but by the running community as well. As the running phenomenon in the country grows larger every year, the Shakey’s 5 kilometer color fun run didn’t go unnoticed by many runners. 

Last March 21, 2015, hundreds of runners gathered at the Shakey’s Raja Sulayman branch, which happens to be one of the first stores that opened in 1975. It also served as the starting line of the fun run where the executives of Shakey’s thanked all who have been supporting the brand all these years. This, they said, imbibes a nostalgic feeling, knowing that it is where all the “great times and great memories” began 40 years ago. 

As a seasoned runner, I don’t normally run short distances anymore. But since my wife was pretty excited to run 5km, (it’s the only distance, so far, she’s comfortable with) I accompanied her to the event. The event is a color fun run, so I knew that we will all come out to be “colorfully-dirty” at the finish line. Thankfully, the course was only along Roxas Boulevard so the road was paved and smooth, which was very nice to run barefoot on.  

Covering my nose from dust powder...

It was a good 5k run for me, though I was never a sprinter, I still finished it under 20 minutes. So glad also for Ruth who came 20 minutes after, achieving a new personal record (PR) for her 5k. What added to her joy was a finisher’s medal she got at the finish line. I was also happy for her because a week before, she also got a finisher’s medal at the 7-Eleven 1500 Run. 

After the run...Colorfuly-dirty! 

At the finish line, everyone was so exhausted, dirty, and colorful but really happy just running with friends. After the event, we were all treated with Shakey’s food, of course! Yummy! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reef Supports the Filipino Surfing Culture

Summer is indeed just around the corner, and everyone is gearing up and planning their own awesome summer vacations.  For those who are going to the beach…please, don’t tell me you’re going to Boracay again?! Try to be more adventurous this time and learn other stuff the vast ocean can offer. If open water diving can be a little too much for you to handle, why not try surfing?

The Philippines is composed of 7,100 islands and our eastern sea board, facing the Pacific Ocean, offers one the most beautiful waves in the world. Some of these beaches are not as far as you may think becauase it just takes a two to three hour drive from Manila to get to a thriving surfing area up north, which is San Juan, La Union. 

Beach bloggers...

Just a few decades ago, a Japanese tourist named Hiroshi Yokohama visited the place and discovered that it has great waves for surfing. He encouraged a few locals to learn and opened the first surfing school in San Juan, La Union. Today, the town is thriving with hotels, surf shops, and surfing school, offering surfing lessons every weekend, even during off season. So, if you think western dudes are the only people who can enjoy surfing, why not head on to La Union and try it out for yourself? 

Mr. Joey Ortega

Mr. Kenneth Cheng

Last March 18, 2015, Reef, a popular surfing apparel brand from the US, was officially launched at the Sands, SM By the Bay, in SM Mall of Asia. The Sands is the newest attraction of SM for Beach Volleyball and Beach “Ultimate” (Frisbie) games where players (and spectators) can enjoy the sports on fine white sands, giving everyone the feel of being on a real beach. 

At the Reef’s launch, media guests and friends were given Reef flip-flops so everyone can enjoy cocktails on the sand while reggae music, courtesy of Mr. Jay Ortega, pumped up the evening for everyone’s pleasure. After a while, the host, Ms. Mara Lopez Yokohama, an avid surfer herself and a native of La Union, introduced the fashion show of Reef’s brand models. These models tried their best maintaining a perfect cat walk on the sands to show off the newest collection of Reef’s footwears and surfing apparels. 

Ms. Mara Lopez Yokohama

New surfing collection from Reef...

After the fashion show, a video documentary was presented featuring surfing history in the Philippines and how the sport transformed the lives of people in San Juan, La Union. Dubbed as Surfing 7107, this documentary highlighted the beginnings of the Filipino surfing culture as told by some of its iconic personalities. The campaign is an initiative to promote surfing among Filipinos and hopes to develop more surfing destinations that are accessible for everyone. 

The pioneers...

Reef, as a surfing brand well-loved by suffers, has expressed its full support to this noble campaign and intends to replicate it in other surfing areas such as Pagudpod, Baler, Aurora Province, Daet, Camarines Norte, and Siargao, Surigao Del Sur. Presently, Surfing 7107 intends to put San Juan, La Union in the map as one of the best surfing destinations in the world. This campaign is also an avenue to encourage more Filipinos to explore more of the Philippines and finally try and learn the sport. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

POWERMAN Duathlon Pilipinas 2015

Its official! The most prestigious Duathlon event in the world will be coming here in the Philippines and its venue is the historical town of Balanga, Bataan. Just recently, the ITU Powerman long Distance World Championship in Zofingen, Switzerland was bagged by an equally exceptional athlete Gael Le Bellec, and is very excited to come over to the Philippines and compete with our county’s best Duatheltes.

This most coveted duathlon event will be happening on November 15, 2015 and will feature Powerman Classic distance of 10km-60km-10km as well 5km-30km-5km distance. Duathlon, for those who is not quite familiar with the sport, is pretty much like triathlon without the swim part. It covers three activities having the running part to be done twice. There is no better and appropriate venue of having this world class sports event than  the province of Bataan, in which consequently have been the venue of the Bataan International Tirathlon (Bi3) that was held last year. In the event, organizers of the Bi3 gave due recognition to the LGU officials of Bagac and Bataan Tourism for the province's full support to the said event.

In the Philippines, as much as triathlon is the more popular one, Duathlon seemed to have more potential in among Filipino athletes because we were never been good swimmers. That is why, in triathlon events, Filipino triathletes tend to lag behind in the swimming part. True enough because our duahtlon athletes are consistent to conquer the top ranks in the world of Duathlon and Kudos to Joey Delos Reyes, Kenny Dalida and Robeno Javier who now ranked 5th in the world.

Last March 16, 2015, the Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas Organizers, headed by Tobias Bernardo a notable triathlete and duathlete in the country today and restaurateur Reymond Magdaluyo teamed up with veteran multisport and adventure cross-country athlete Thumbie Remigio launched the much awaited duathlon event at the City Club, Alphaland Tower in Makati City. 

The event was attended by members of the media, friends in the multi-sports realm and representative of the municipality of Balanga, Bataan. The event highlighted the town as the premier venue in the world of duathlon and triathlon events and the Bataan International Triathlon (Bi3) just recently won as the best triathlon race below-600 division by the website.

The event also featured a video clip of the Powerman World Championship where Thumbie and Ias were invited by the International Powerman Association (IPA) President John Raadschelders. The event was held at Zofingen, Switzerland and has garnered over 600 participants and conquered a grueling 10km-150km-30km run-bike-run course. Ias Bernardo announced that the Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas is a qualifying event for the ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championship. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jack ‘n Jill Calbee: Get Ready for the #BestoPotato Experience

CALBEE, Japan’s leading snack brand partnered with Universal Robina Corporation, the name behind the country’s leading snack brand, Jack 'n Jill is giving the Filipino snack lovers the ultimate potato snack experience. These two snack giants have ventured out to come up with not just one but a whole line of potato snack products that every Filipino will love.

Last March 13, 2015, executives of Calbee Japan and URC as represented by Mr. Lance Gokongwei himself, have officially launched its partnership of bringing Calbee products to the Philippine market. The event was graced by members of the media and friends from Calbee and of course people from the Gonkongwei group of companies.

The event was celebrated by Japanese cultural dances. And as the Calbee products were being introduced to everyone, each one was given a pack of Calbee snacks for a firsthand taste. These new snacks are quite unique in taste and do not compete with other Jack ‘n Jill snack which are already in the market today.

As an example, the Cheddar and Sour Cream is unique flavor because it is the only one that combines Cheddar and Sour Cream together in one flavor. The Wasabe flavor, as much as there is already one out in the market, the Wasabe inside Calbee is quite strong compared to the other brand. So for those who wish to have a more kick of wasabi in their snack, the Calbee potato Wasabe variant will not disappoint you.

Jack ‘n Jill-Calbee Pizza potato is also quite exceptional in taste and flavor. Actually, if you try to close your eyes and much some of these, you would be mistaken you’re eating a real pizza, because it taste and feel like one and it has even melted cheese on top to give the real feel of a pizza. The fun snacks from Japan are available in 25g, 65g, and 170g variants.

Another one of a kind product is the Jagabee Potato Fries. As much as French fries are fun to while their fresh and hot, but once these fries become cold and stale, it loses its flavor and zest. The Jagabee Potato Fries was able to solve that problem and it stays crunchy for a long time. The Jagabee potato Fries is conveniently packed in an sturdy hard cartoon cup that keeps the fries in tack.

The launch, a solemn ceremony was initiated where all the representative of Calbee and Jack’n Jill dressed in the traditional Japanese kimono, gathered themselves around some drums and simultaneously beat them to officially seal the partnership.

Jack ‘n Jill – Calbee products are now available in all major groceries in the Philippines. So visit and grab a Calbee nearest you. If you’re lucky, you might bump into Jaga himself, the Calbee Snack cutest potato mascot.  

Monday, March 9, 2015

HONDA: The New Click 125i

Honda, a leader in the motorcycle industry, who has proven dominance over the four-strokes 125cc and up displacement engines classes, has finally broken its long pause to conquer the realm of scooters with its cutting edge design and futuristic features. 

The new Honda Click 125i is an evolution in scooters with features that is above what other scooter brands can offer. More than the sleek design and innovative look, the Click 125i is equip with PGM-FI, a fuel-injection system pioneered by Honda. 

Last February 18, 2015, the new Honda Click 125i was launched at the activity center in Trinoma. The event was graced by the executives of Honda who came all the way from Tokyo, Japan. With them are their local counterparts that represent its local distributors. The event was also attended by motorcycle enthusiast groups where some came all the way from Pampangga and Nueva Ecija. 

Honda showcased three colors variants of Click 125i, the Candy Rosy Red, Asteroid Black Metalic and Pearl  Horizon white. In the event Honda highlighted some of the innovative features such as the ISS or the Idling Stop System. This feature allows the engine to be programed to stop after three seconds of idling. This feature will enable the driver to save on fuel on those unnecessary idling during red-signals. The needed to run again, a driver can turn the throttle lever and the engine can restart and move as quickly with an approximate time of 0.9 second. 

The Click 125i also offers CBS or the combined breaking system that allows the driver to apply one break lever but executes stopping force to both wheels giving you a more quicker safe stopping time. The Click 125i is also equip with alternator Starter System, that optimizes engine performance while reducing the friction, vibration and engine noise. Another new feature is the side-Stand Switch, which turns off engine when the side stand is engaged. 

The Click 125i is one of the few scooters that offer a compartment space under the seat where you can actually put an entire helmet with more room to spare with some other stuff. The Click 125i is also liquid cooled which makes the fuel-injection system more reliable and more fuel efficient. This scooter can consume 58.0 kilometers per litter with a 5.5 fuel tank capacity. It has a maximum torque power of 11.16 N.m at 6,500 RPM. 

The new Honda Click 125i is now available in Honda Distributors nearest you offering an SRP of P86,000. 

For more details, you can visit a Honda Center or you can log on to or you can like their FB page: Honda Philippines Inc. For costumer care, you can call their toll free number 1-80010HONdaph – 4663274.

Check out the new Honda Click 125i and drive it to the future…

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cobra Energy Drink: Gusto Ko Pa!

Cobra Energy Drink, the leading drink supplement that has been in the forefront of giving athletes the energy boost needed to go beyond physical limits. For five seasons in a row, it has also been the proud principal sponsor of Iron Man 70.3 in the Philippines and it is one of the most coveted triathlon competitions that have been well attended by the top triathletes around the world.

Cobra, as a local brand and proudly made by Asia Brewery, maintains a character that imbibes Filipino’s genuine strength, that no matter how tough things may hit us, we always keep an enduring spirit to get up and continue to fight whatever adversity we may face. This strength is what we call Tunay na Lakas ng Pinoy.

In the past, Cobra’s endorsements revolve in the sphere of well-known athletes like our very own, boxing champ Donito Donayre and some popular triathletes. For the first time, Cobra was able to pick a brand ambassador who captures the hearts of many young teen age fans by his charm and acting prowess. At the same time, he also displays an excellent standing in the field of triathlon and holds a three-time top-rank finisher at the Cobra Iron Man 70.30 held in Cebu. The Cobra Energy Drink’s newest brand ambassador is no other than Mr. Matteo Guidicelli. 

Last week, Asia Brewery the makers of Cobra Energy Drink launched their newest line of Cobra flavors along with its newest brand ambassador Matteo Guidicelli. Cobra also launched its newest TV ad that promotes their newest tag line, Gusto ko Pa! The new tag line embodies the aggressive attitude of every athlete to go further even after a race is done and it also describes the hard working character of every Pinoy who can perform multi-tasks even after a long day work is over. Cobra energy Drink is an energy boost so that every athlete can withstand and endure the toughest challenges in sports and in life.

At the event, a short display of strength was rendered by Matteo through an arm wrestling match with the representative of Speed Magazine, Mr. James Orlanda who happens to be a triathlete himself. At the prime of his active life, James tried the best as he can to beat Matteo. In the end, age overcame experience and Matteo won the match. 

With the new set of flavors new TV ad and new brand ambassador, we are expecting to more of Cobra in the sporting events  and of course Matteo Guidicelli along the racing routes that will make everyone go, ‘Gusto ko pa! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What’s New at Pinkyberry?

When can you say you have enough dessert for one day? At Pinkberry, with its wide variety of toppings and mix, tasting one flavor is short-changing your appetite for desserts. Pinkberry is one of the pioneer in revolutionizing frozen yogurt that started in 2005 in West Hollywood California. After almost 10 years in the yogurt industry, the company started with just two flavors, original and green tea, it has now expanded its mix to 18 flavors that are being rotated seasonally. 

Last week, I had the opportunity to be invited to the launch of its newest branch in SM Megamall where, I and other members of the media were treated to get the first hand taste of its newest flavors that will surely make a hit among yogurt dessert enthusiasts. 

Personally, my craving for frozen yogurt came a little later when I started put on a healthy lifestyle a few years ago. Before, yogurt for me was like ice cream that gone bad because of its sourly taste. I came to like them when it started to have fruit flavors making the taste more acceptable to my palate.

This year, Pinkberry will introduce another line up of flavors to its loyal followers. The Brownie a'la Mode and Apple Pie a' la mode:

The first one that was served was the Brownie a’ la mode. The trial variant were a little bit smaller than the standard size serving, just enough for us to have a good grasp of the taste of each flavor. We were able to experience the brownie a’ la mode on salted caramel, original, vanilla bean and butter pecan yogurts. Since these were our first set, I tried my best to set an easy pace and not to consume everything. 

After which, we were allowed to taste the Apple pie a’ la mode with the same set of yogurt mix. I like this one better, because the apple pie was not as over powering that you hardly taste the yogurt. The cinnamon acts as a balancer as well. 

New Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie and Butter Pecan

The next set were new yogurt flavors; Chocolate Chip and Butter Pecan. I was able to try the Butter pecan with glazed pili nut and caramel sauce which is for me is too sweet. However, this new flavor with Banana Nut bread was interesting. I never thought banana and Pili nut combination would be this good in yogurts. The light agave is actually a light honey syrup which is not too sweet. The Double Nut crunch taste good as well most especially for those who love variety of nuts on their yogurt. Since I’m not much a fan of caramel, I decided not to pour the caramel on this one. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie: In our third set, I started to feel “over-dozed” by all these yogurts. Good thing that the cookie in the Double chocolate chip cookie became a neutralizer that made me appreciate the other flavors. The Classic Sundae is a combination of cookie dough with chocolate chip cookie and whip cream and chocolate syrup. The Honey almond granola is my favorite in this set. 

After the last set, we were offered another treat by allowing us to experience to dispense the yogurt from the machine itself. Pinkberry staff taught us on how to draw the lever of the machine that will produce a perfect swirly presentation.

To get a taste of Pinkberry’s goodness, visit Pinkberry in Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, SM Aura, Power Plant Mall and the newly open branch in SM Mega Mall. You may also log on to or Facebook page 

Win a Pinkberry party!

10 special sized yogurt with 2 toppings each, FREE! 
All you need to do is post your most refreshing Pinkberry summer photo on Facebook and/or Instagram and use #refreshingpinkberrysummer

The eight photos ( four face book and four instagram) with the most likes will win a Pinkberry party (10 special sized yogurt with two toppings), which can be claimed at any Pinkberry store.

The Contest will run from March to June. Two winners (1 Facebook and 1 instagram) will be announced on the 30th of each month.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Guam: Experience the Hafa Adai Spirit!

The first time I heard about Guam was way back in the early 70’s, because our neighbor then (my kababata) was born and raised there and shared to a lot cool stuff about that small island in the Pacific. I also learned from her that Guam is a US territory. Later, after the fall of Saigon (now Ho Shi Min City ) during the Vietnam war, my dad was tasked to join a Filipino military contingent to evacuate some GI’s and many were sent to Guam. So my idea of that place back then was that it is a military installation. 

"Hafa Adai!"

More than 30 years have passed and little did many of us know that Guam has grown a lot in terms of development, from a US Navy base of the Pacific Fleet, to an island paradise that offers more than just white sandy beaches and pristine clear waters. Guam is now one of the most sought after vacation havens with a robust, urban metropolis shopping destination. Yes ladies, shopping! 

FYI, commodities available  in Guam are all tax-free so all the stuff you may want to bring home will be priced pretty much lower than usual. In fact, many foreign visitors frequent the island just to shop for genuine US and European brands at much cheaper prices. And among the popular shopping places there, the most iconic is said to be the Micronesia Mall, which happens to be owned by Mr. Lucio Tan himself. 

Other than the all-day duty-free shopping, the island is studded with some of the world’s best resorts and hotels. One hotel that will stand out as far as giving you the perfect view of the Eastern seaboard of the Pacific Ocean is the Pacific Star Resort and Spa. Located at the Pale San Vitores Road in Tumon, this hotel resort offers a breathtaking view of the white sandy beach just a few meters from the hotel’s doorstep and its only 5 minutes from the international airport! It serves the widest variety of fine cuisine from all nationality and culture in the world so that it can give every guest a “closer to home” dining experience. 

Mr. Roy Abraham, General Manager, Pacific Star Resort and Spa
A sister of mine, after more than 10 years in New York as a nurse, moved to Guam with her surfing and trauma surgeon husband. Having been exposed to all the amenities of the island, my sister, who used to be conservative, reserved and a homebody type, was transformed into a marathoner, swimmer, and kayaker in no time at all. Surrounded by the vast ocean at 360 degrees, steep lime stone cliffs, and breathtaking waterfalls, the adventures you can experience here are plenty and you can cover more than one outdoor sport discipline in a day because of the close proximity of tourist spots to each other. Actually, you can practically circumnavigate the whole island in just half a day. That’s why they greet you “Hafa Adai! “. 

my sister, Grace, who made Guam her home
Check out the island's calendar of events because every month, there is always something going in on to give you one more reason to stay and celebrate. This coming April, they will be hosting the annual Guam International Marathon that is frequently visited by runners around the world. One special attraction about it is the race route that is practically staged along the scenic view of the Pacific Ocean. That is why as early as now, I’m preparing myself for this most coveted marathon in Guam and I’m hoping that my resources would be enough to take me there.    

But if marathons are not your type of adventure, try visiting some of their historic sites either up in the mountains or under the ocean. Yes, diving can be a lot of fun in Guam. If you are the extreme type of diver, you might want to check out a multi-wreckage of battle ships from WW1 and WW2. 

Guam is a very small island but there are hundreds of things you can do here to make you feel that each experience is always a self discovery. So go make your reservations now for at least a week's stay because enjoying the island will take you more than “Hafa Adai”!   


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