Saturday, October 25, 2014

TV5’S WATTPAD PRESENTS’ introduces new batch of heartwarming love stories

The "Beki Boxer" that was shown in TV5 just over a month ago was something very unique and exceptional story. And I never knew that the story was from WATTPAD. Actually, I never knew what WATTPAD was until I was invited to attend a press launch of the second batch of short stories that were being aired in TV5. 

So what the hell is WATTPAD?! Well, it is actually a website were writers or aspiring to be writers are free to post their short stories where the sites readership gets to view and search for them and if they liked it, they will read them. I was surprised also when I found out that some of my blogging friends are keeping an account in WATTPAD. So, this made me interested to know the stuff written there. 

Last October 18, 2014 was the kick off of another set of stories that were searched and screened by TV5’s pool of researchers out of hundreds of stories written in WATTPAD. The primary criterion in choosing these top four stories is on the basis of readership. The stories have gained more than 15 million viewership on line. And from this basis, it showed that such story would be really good. 

Beginning last October 20, the first of the four stories is “Dyepni”. This chick-flick teenage love story will be starred by two talented real life celeb couple, Jennica Garcia, the daughter of award winning actress Ms. Jean Garcia and Alwyn Uytingco, who is already a WATTPAD Presents veteran and played the role of a gay Boxer in the BEKI BOXER. The story revolves around two typical high school teenagers “Jeffrey” (Alwyn Uytingco) and Nialla (Jennica Garcia).

Day two of WATTPAD Presents is a story entitled “Savage Cassanova” written by an author called JustBreaththeSofie. This particular story have gained more than 1.7 million readers and continued to gain more followers. This sort story features promising young actors Edward Mendez and Ritz Azul. Savage Cassanova is about a rich young bachelor, Ivo (Edward Mendez), who is the sole heir to his family’s fortune and business.  In order to get rid of the girls who have been chasing him, he decided ot marry a terminally ill Moira (Ritz Azul). Hoping to get everything as planned, things unexpectedly happen that change the lives of this two individuals. 

To be featured in November 3, WATTPAD will show a TV adaptation of the story “Fake Finace”, written by Kierd. This story have been read by more than 2 million readers.  You might find this story quite fascinating because it’s about two young “couple” who decided to stage a fake marriage in order to stop the pending wedding of their parents. The TV adaptation are starred by another celeb couple in real life, Sophie Albert and Vin Abrenica. 

The last story to be shown of the second batch of WATTPAD Presents is “Diary ng Hindi Malandi…(Slight lang), written by OWWSIC and have gain fans from all over with a whopping 3.5 million readers. This story features Isabella de Leon and Edgar Alan Guzman. I remember vividly Isabella when she was with the show "Da, DeDi, Dodu" in GMA before. She was very young then and I was so amazed how she has grown all these years. The story is about a girl who is coming of age and venturing the outside world with the hope of finding her one true love. 

In the Presscon, each stars was given a few minutes of their experience making the film and expounded on the dynamics working with other stars and crew. An additional bonus of revelation was shared to every media present was announcement of Jennica and Alwyn about their relationship as a couple. They announced that they discretely tied the knot last February. And it was only there they publicly shared to every media present.  

TV5 is relentlessly pursuing out-of-the-box concepts that will give viewers wide options on what to watch and what will entertain them. The WATTPAD Presents will be shown Starting October 20, 2014, Monday to Friday with the new time slot 9:30 pm right after The Amazing Race Season 2.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rico Rice: Make Healthy Yummy

Here is another better and healthier alternative to rice – Corn Rice!

Decades ago, the Philippines was the leader in exportation of many crop and agriculture products to other countries and one of them is rice. Our country led the innovations of many rice seedlings, where a farmer can grow and harvest rice up to three times a year. These innovations were done in the research laboratories of International Rice Research Institute or IRRI, in Los Banos, Laguna. But the sad thing about this is that these technological innovations were likewise exported to other parts of Asia like Vietnam and Thailand and their rice is now being imported back here in our country. The Philippine rice has finally come in full-circle but to our economy’s expense.  Presently, we still hold to be the leader…not anymore in exportation of rice but importation. And we are losing hard-earned dollars just to buy back those rice that we developed here in the first place.

The good news is, as far as corn production, Philippines is on the top list in the corn exportation and many families in the southern regions are consuming corn as substitute for rice. Even Manny Paquiao prefers to eat his favorite “Tinola” with Corn-rice. So how come corn rice, having an abundant supply of it, is not as popular as rice? Simply because Pinoys in general are not accustomed on the way it looks and how it taste like.

Fortunately, the Philippine Leading Infinite Logistics Inc. or PLILI, came up with a technology that reshapes the image of corn that is exactly look like rice and even taste like rice too. PLILI is a company subsidiary of La Filipina Uy Gongco, makers of premium flour and baking raw materials for industrial scale. Last October 13, 2014, PLILI officially launched RiCo Corn-rice to the media at Chef Jessie Restaurant in RockWell, Power Plant mall in Makati City. The event was a fine dining experience that was attended by some media friends, and all of us had a fantastic time enjoying of some of Chef Jessie’s master pieces which features Rico Corn Rice in the Menu.

The plated lunch started with a short presentation of the technicalities of RiCo and why is it better than rice. The secret of containing the nutrients of corn is not wash it, because washing the corn will wash the all the health benefits away. PLILI President Mr. Jebe Gayanelo further expounded that Rico Corn Rice underwent a state-of-the-art process that dries the corn which carefully controls the moisture that prevents Aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is actually a form of fungus that grows on the corn. The technology is so sophisticated that the corn is not touched by human hands. And that explains why RiCo-Corn Rice does not need to be washed, thus giving you all the healthy benefits of corn. Further more, corn has a low Glycimic Index (GI) which allows the body use the glucose content of corn to be burn before it is absorbed in the blood stream. This qualities are very much ideal to athletes, because it gives a much longer supply of energy needed to endure a long sporting activity like triathlon or a marathon.  

During the launch, Chef Jessie Sincioco demonstrated the versatility of the ingredient through a sit-down meal of Mesclun greens salad with Prawn RiCo pops, Minestrone with RiCo, a main course of Pan-fried Codfish Fillet in Pommery mustard sauce and Grilled chicken breast in creamy pepper sauce served with RiCo pilaf and sautéed French beans, and RiCo crocant roll. At home, you can use RiCo in your dailyfavorites such as sinangag, java rice, yang chow rice, and paella.

After that delectable lunch, each of us were given sample packs of RiCo to experience it at home. The other day my wife cooked RiCo for dinner  for the very first time and the kids were so amazed that it was corn and not rice, so that one passed the aesthetic screening of RiCo. As to the health benefits, this one really fits to what I need whenever I do long distance run.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

WALKING DEAD Season 5: "Hunt or be hunted"


Manila, Philippines, October 2014—Recording the highest ratings ever for the channel, FOX broke its own records again with its broadcasts of the premiere episode of The Walking Dead Season 5. Philippine viewers tuned into FOX in great numbers to give the channel its highest ratings for the 8:55 PM telecast of the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 5, garnering a 1.89 for adults aged 16 to 49.

The Walking Dead enjoys multiple broadcasts every Monday, including a showing at 11:35 AM parallel to the episode’s US premiere and a primetime telecast at 8:55 PM. Season 5 of the hit drama series premiered on October 13, 2014, gaining ratings of 0.108, 1.869 and 0.79 for adults aged 16 to 49 in the Parallel Play, Prime Time and Quick Replay (9:50 PM), respectively.

The combined ratings for the first episode of Season 5 of The Walking Dead amounted to 2.775 for adults aged 16-49, registering a 64.1 percent increase over the launch of Season 4 at 1.691. For the past four years, FOX has been celebrating each new season of The Walking Dead with a four-day marathon of old episodes leading up to the premiere.The days of October 11, 12 and 13 recorded some of the highest daily averages ever recorded for the channel.

Meanwhile, the daily average for October 13 registered at 0.2925 is a whopping 329.65 percent higher than the channel’s Year-to-Date Average for adults aged 16 to 49 at 0.068.The figures reveal how FOX has sufficiently owned the franchise for The Walking Dead and made itself the go-to source for all fans of the zombie-abundant drama series.In particular, the strongest group of fans in the Philippines who caught The Walking Dead Season 5’s premiere on FOX included males aged 25 to 34 with ratings of 2.862.

Catch more of the explosive fifth season of The Walking Dead  every Monday at 11:35 AM fresh from its US premiere as well as at 8:55 PM for its primetime telecast, only on FOX!


CITY KART RACING is finally now at the Circuit Makati. It is the newest sports complex being built by the Ayala group located at the former Santa Ana Race Track near J.P. Rizal. A few years back, the CityKart Racing was at the old Park Square in Glorietta area and it is where I was able to experience my first Kart Racing. After that short adrenalin drifting gig, I was so eager to go back, but sadly, the race track needed to be moved to give way to the scheduled renovation of the Park Square.

However, just recently, the Citykart Racing is back in Makati with a much bigger and bolder race track strategically located at the Circuit Makati. I was so fortunate to be invited to be one of the first groups of media to get a taste of their newest track with newly refurbished Racing karts. Together with other media personnel, we had the opportunity to put on a real racing suite, with crash helmets and cruise the 700 meter-loop of the race track.

All of us made several laps around the track just to get the feel of the karts and the tracks. Since I had already experienced it before, it wasn't very hard for me to get used to the sharp turns and the curves. Definitely, the new race track is far better than the old one in Park Square, because this one is lot longer and it features challenging turns and tricky loops.

After the practice drive, the experience got more exciting because Jean-Marc Freihuber, the Chairman of the CKR briefed us for a real racing event. The media guests were divided into several teams where we were partnered with experienced CKR Race Drivers.  Our team captain is Manuel Lorenzo who is only 12 years old but holds several racing titles on his shoulder not just here in the Philippines but in other countries as well.

Each team was required to finish the race in 1 hour with the most number of laps. So we had a little team meeting before the race started, just to have a sort of a strategy. We decided to take several laps in turns and Manuel will finish the remaining 20 of the race, hoping to cover our "slower" time. In the first few laps, Manuel experienced engine mal-function and needed to change karts not just once but twice. So, the delay made us on the fifth place. Surprisingly, we never thought Manuel had more tricks in his pockets, because as we approach on the last remaining minutes, Manuel became “possessed” by the spirit of Michael Schumacher and slowly inched our way to the 2nd place just before the checkered flag was waved.What a dramatic finish! And I’m so glad I experienced it!

After the race, awarding ceremony was held at the CKR cafeteria. All of us in the team were so excited to experienced the Podium awarding, To me, the feeling was like winning an F1 Grand Prix Race even though were only placed 2nd. That media race kart event was just the first salvo of a much bigger kart racing event Starting October 23 to November 23, 2014.

The racing event is called -  RACE TO BORACAY.

No, drivers will not kart race all the way to Boracay, if that’s what you’re thinking.  The race course will be of course at the CityKart Racing circuit and its aim is to gather more than 500 Race kart drivers all over the metro.  There will be a series of qualifying rounds that will run from October 23 to November 14 to narrow down the competitors to 200, then down to 50. The last 50 drivers will battle to the finish on November 23 for the Grand Finals. The one who will come out with the shortest time will be hailed as the CRK RACE TO BORACAY Grand Champion.

There will be two classes, Juniors (13 to 17 years old  and Adults (18 years old and above). The Awaiting winners of each class at the finish line will receive 3-days 2-nights Hotel stay and round trip airfare for two to the Island of Boracay. Special treats are also in store for the two runners up and special prices await to all participants.

CKR is open from Monday to Thursday, 3:00pm to 11:00pm, and Friday to Sunday, 10:00am to 12:00 midnight. It is located at Circuit Makati, Barangay Carmona, Makati City. Reservation is a must for those who will register for Race To Boracay. For more information you can call 0917-455-10-60 or log on to:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

EATALY: A Different Twist to Italian Cuisine…

If you happen to pass by the San Juan area, you might want to visit a cozy Italian restaurant that offers authentic Italian cuisine in very comfortable price ranges. EATALY is the newest hub Italian food lovers can indulge in the area of Little Baguio. More than the Italian dishes, they also served some good grilled food in their menu and delectable desserts. 

Last October 2, 2014, bad weather didn’t deter me from accepting an invitation to experience the food of EATALY. Together with two other fellow food bloggers were with me and we had an intimate session tasting the good Italian dishes of the restaurant, and had the opportunity to meet the owners themselves. 

The first one that is on their menu for us to try was the Stuff-Squid in kebob style. Cooking squid is really tricky, because it can easily get tough if you over cook it. Bu this one is so tender and juicy in the inside as well with all the stuffing and spices locked inside. This dish is priced P240 per order and is perfect for appetizers while waiting for the main dish. 

Now, who can say no to shrimp? Most especially if coupled it with sliced squid on a thin-crust dough. Shrimp and Squid Pizza is just one of the sought after dishes here in Eataly. You might want also to try their various flavors of Pizza. This one is the seafood flavor, topped with creamy white sauce, mozzarella cheese and lots of it, plus Alfalfa sprouts. This dish is priced at P375.

The Braised Lamb Shank is certainly a break of the usual beef or pork ribs as main dish. This dish is pre-blanched and slow oven-cooked in red wine to get the most tender quality and natural juice of the meat. Smothered with Eataly’s special sauce, this dish is coupled with mashed potato and beans. This one is priced at P625. Recommended for two people sharing but the three of us couldn't finish it.

For the fish lovers out there, now this one is really a treat. The Baked Salmon with Pesto Lemon Sauce was even made more special accompanied with fresh lettuce and Lolo Rosa veggies and baby tomatoes. This one is juicy inside-out, with its special lemon sauce. This is a new dish of the resto that is why they haven’t decided on the price yet. 

After the meat over loads, a choice of Red Merlot, Chardonnay and Shiraz and white wine was served. The resto is serving mini-bottles of the wines so you don’t have to order the normal sized bottles if you don’t intend to finish it. The wine in mini-bottles is just right for one or two persons sharing, just enough for one to drive safely home. 

Finishing off the very fine dining experience are two of their best desserts, Decadence (P145) and Mochamisu (P145). For those who are not into chocolates like me, I personally recommend the Mochamisu.

The dining area can accommodate fifty people on the ground floor but they also have extra tables up stairs with a private function room, very ideal for a small business meetings or parties.

EATALY is located at 698 J. Abad Santos Street,  Little Baguio district, San Juan City. For Inquiries and reservations, please call Tel. 705-1201, Eamil:, For updates you can log on to:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 Premiers on TV 5

For two consecutive seasons, TV 5 holds the franchise of one of the most successful reality TV series – The Amazing Race. With the successful out come from Season One, The Amazing Race Philippines raise the challenges much higher, bolder and of course, far more Amazing  than the last one. These challenges will be equally faced by an entirely unique and diverse teams coming from the different spectrum of the society.  

Last October 6, 2014 was the premier telecast of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 was celebrated at the Genting Club in Resorts World Manila. The special event was attended by members of the media and friends from different brands sponsors and of course the staff and crew of TV5. The event was hosted TARP2 Race Master, no other than Mr. Derek Ramsey himself. 

Out of the hundreds of teams who auditioned a few months ago, 11 teams were carefully selected to part of an adventure race of a lifetime. These 11 teams were brewed in different calibers in their own rights, hoping that their unique individualities, skill and talents would be enough to win in this season’s Amazing Race Philippines. 

SEXY BESTIES is the team of two best friends who happened to be the better halves of Genebra San Miguel Players. RR, was a familiar icon figure in Wowowie Show while Jeck used to be part of Deal or No-Deal. Both are adventurous at the same time enthusiastically go-getters and very much focused and committed to win the prize. 

THE BLONDIES is a team of blond sisters Tina and Avy who were very hesitant to join the audition at first because of the fear that they might get hurt or die in the race. Eventually, the dynamics of these sisters motivated them to push further and made it to the cut. Many would thought that the “Bondies” are just the typical “Dumb-blonds” , but Tina and Avy is committed to prove them wrong and will show to everyone that the team is not just a pair of pretty faces.

THE CHEFS Team is a pair of kitchen masters so to speak. Eji and Roch have know each other for a short while but their short acquaintances will not deter them from winning. Both love cooking and the dynamics of culinary, both are teachers and both love to race. So According to them, these commonalities will bind them and will give them the edge from other teams. 

DATING COUPLE Team is a pair of “loving couples”, Matt and Phoebe who found each other auditioning in commercials as models. Soon after, the constant courting of Matt paid off and brought them adventuring life together. Then, the two elevated their adventure spirits to another level by auditioning in the TARP2 and both got in as a team. In the course of the race, both will put their relationship to the test on how these two work together conquering the obstacles and challenges in winning. 

TEAM JUAN D is part of the group Juan Direction who has gained You Tube hits living and trail-blazing their lives as half-foreigners/pinoys living in the Philippines. Daniel Marsh and Charlie Sutcliffe have know each other way back in Cebu. The two have different personalities, one is calm mild mannered thinker while the other one is an extrovert “gung-ho” decisive guy. Though both has extreme personalities, they believe it will go to their advantage in achieving the goal.  

Team MAG-AMA  is the father and son AJ and Jody. According the this team, their edge is the fitness and athletic physic of Jody who is sports scholar and the wisdom of AJ that will balance their game play to slow down and think. 

TEAM NERDS’ game plan is to maintain the impression of being the “weakling-duos” of the race and would beat the others in their own fields by using their exceptional intelligence. Vince and Ed are to real-to-life “Nerds”. Vince graduated Suma-Cum laude in UP Diliman while Ed is contending to be magna cum laude in the same institution. The two were best of friends since high school and decided to join TARP2 because they believe the race is not just a battle of physical but also of wits. 

Team TRAVEL BUDDIES are two soul-sisters who have found commonalities in many ways including traveling and of course, eating. Sarah and Osang are from Davao and their only motivation why they decided to join the race is the opportunity to travel the country for free…and eat along the way. 

Team MR. POGI are two washed-out contestants of Eat Bulaga’s Mr. Pogi Contest. But JP and Kelvin are not deterred by their past set back and decided to pursue a life in the TV screen by joining the Amazing Race Season 2. Their edge is their youthfulness and enthusiastic drive to go practically anywhere and do whatever it takes to win. 

Team MAGKAPATID is the brother and sister Yna and Jet. With very extreme qualities, these two siblings have one thing in common and that is the hunger for adventure. The two tried out for the last season and didn’t make to the cut, but was so committed to get in, this time they did. 

Team PINAY WORLD CHAMPS are training partners Chen and Luz. Luz is a three-time body building champion while her training partner friend Chen ranked number three in the Womens International Boxing Association. Their game plan is to apply the physical discipline and dedication in their line of profession in order to out-race everyone else. 

The Amazing Race Season 2 will cover vast area in the archipelago with various challenges that will test the wits and physical capabilities and not to mention the team work of each team in order to come out as the winners. The winning team will get a house and lot each courtesy of RCD Royal Homes, each will drive home with a brand new KIA Sportage, plus a wopping Two million in Cash and other gift prizes. 

Starting October 6, 2014, Monday and on-wards, stay tuned at TV5 every 7pm and witness the adventure of 11 teams battle each other to bag this seasons Amazing Race Philippines champions.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wacom Unvails its Most Creative Digital Product Line in the Philippines

Bored of the usual selfies? Now, you can put some creativity while taking those wacky moments with yourself or with friends, with the latest from Wacom stylus pens. Introducing the consumer range of styli and these are: Intuos Creative Stylus 2, Bamboo Fineline, Classic Bamboo Solo and Bamboo Duo

Wacom, a global company base in Japan, pioneered the first interactive pen tablets and displays as well as digital styli solutions for processing digital signatures. But more than digital signatures, Wacom is the leader in digital art solutions that is behind the successes of some of the digital animation that hit the big screen like “How to Train Your Dragon" by Disney-Pixar. For more than 30 years in the market, Wacom never fails to innovate and improve the digital creativity that brings the art and technology into a whole new level. 

Last October 2, 2014, Wacom unveils the three interactive pens that are highly versatile and can be used to any tablet or smart phone. The event was graced by the company’s Marketing Manager, Ms. Cecilia Woon who came all the way from Singapore to present to the media the features of the latest products. Ms. Woon confidently mentioned that the Philippines would set a good market standard since it is noted to be the “Selfie” capital of the world. Wacom’s market that used to be limited only to art professionals and creative groups now covers a much wider scope of ordinary tablet users and selfie enthusiasts. 

After the presentation, Ms. Woon allowed everyone to experience the user friendliness of the product in their own smart phones. For some who were able to get a good internet connection, they’re able to experience the doodling capability of the interactive pen and the app. For some who are not lucky enough to get a good internet connection failed to try it out. This means that the app is still dependent on the internet speed of the current provider. Since Philippines having one of the slowest internet capabilities compared to other neighboring Asian countries, maximizing the said technology would be frustrating. 

Nonetheless, the company’s objective is to connect with the consumers who are keen to stand out from the crowd and express their lifestyles creatively. These pens are designed for the everyday netizens as an everyday tool not just to communicate effectively but creatively as well. It allows the user to get the feel of the natural strokes and movement of pen or pencil. Currently, the Smart styluses fits the compatibility of the ipad’s ios applications and higher Samsung smart phones such as Galaxy 4 and up and Note 2 and up.

With this downside, Wacom may experience difficulty capturing their desired market in the Philippines since 90% of the smart phone users here use China made Android applications. Coupled with the slow internet connections and limitations of internet services of most places, achieving the Wacom’s goal is a long shot. The hope of everybody is for the NTC and internet providers in the Philippines to work doubly hard to keep up with the demands of the constantly growing population of the digital market.  

For more information on the latest Wacom Products, you can visit:


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