Saturday, January 24, 2015

Issues on Premature Ejaculation (PE) and What Sufferers Can Do About It

When I started this blog five years ago, I made it a point to write about things that revolve around my own personal journeys in the realm of health and physical fitness. Since I’m into a lot of outdoor activities such as running, biking, climbing, and water sports among other things, my adventures were no longer limited to sports and I decided to blog about food and other stuff, too. I never thought though that I would come to the point of blogging about a particular and delicate topic such as Premature Ejaculation. Although I don’t belong in the statistics (one in three men suffer from this condition), I felt it important to share this information because a lot of people are experiencing it but no one talks about it. Among men, it is something that is “taboo” to talk about even with other men for the fear of embarrassment as this topic crosses the “machismo” side of the male ego. 

Recently, I attended a rare event about PE, which was sponsored by MENARINI, the world’s largest Italian Biopharmaceutical Company with a heritage of over 128 years covering more than 100 countries around the world. The event was well received by members of the media and surprisingly, female guests outnumbered the males. This medical symposium was hosted by Mr. RJ Ledesma, a prolific host that covered the topic with maturity while making the open forum very light and comfortable for everyone. 

So what is Premature Ejaculation or PE? In the medical context, it is when a man reaches orgasm or expels semen soon after a sexual activity and with minimal penile simulation. It is also called a premature climax. It is the incapability of a man to control ejaculation thereby losing penile erection prematurely that subsequently dissatisfies his partner. 

The program’s tagline “Happy Life, Happy Wife” made me think, “Since when did PE became a woman’s problem when the ‘ejaculation’ part is a male thing?”

The first resource speaker, well-noted urologist Dr. Dennis Serrano, presented a very comprehensive exposition of PE, showing how it can also affect women. During the discussion, RJ asked guests a series of questions with multiple choices of answers. We were given automated voting controllers that allowed us to answer discretely. The survey questions aimed to explore statistics on sexual issues and the results showed interesting revelations about sexual intimacy. 

Dr. Serrano further expounded on the clinical causes of PE and how it can be treated. It very surprising to know that PE is one of the many causes of marriage problems in many couples today simply because such problems remain untreated.  For women, the problem continues because they keep it to themselves. Few perhaps know that for women, not reaching orgasm could entail a deep sexual dissatisfaction that eventually results to emotional and psychological effects. For men, the inability to satisfy their partner will eventually lead to self-resentment.   

Although it was not highlighted, Dr. Serrano mentioned a medicine called PRILIGY (Depoxetine) that treats PE. Finally, people who suffer from PE will now have a safe treatment and eventually achieve more meaningful sexual intimacy. However, he reminds PE sufferers to consult a doctor first instead of buying the drug over-the-counter so they could be briefed first about everything there is to know about the medication such as dosage, proper administration, and side-effects.

The next resource speaker was Dr. Margie Holmes who is a distinguished and iconic resource speaker when it comes to the topic of sexuality and sex therapy. She talked about issues where couples can have a meaningful relationship by adapting through other means of sexual stimulations other than penile penetration. For men, desire comes first before arousal, but for women, it is the other way around. They need to be “romanced” first before they achieve the desire towards sex. These dynamics should be on top of mind for both men and women in order for them to learn how to satisfy their partner more effectively. 

Over all, love should be in the center in order to have a better relationship as a married couple and as a family. This can only be realized if both parties are honest to one another without any reservations.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Singapore Food Street at SM Megamall

 “Laksa”. Every Singaporean restaurant has its own version and level of hotness, but the one that is being served here at My Singapore Food Street taste just right. 

I had my first taste of Singaporean food when my wife and I spent a dinner date at Singapore Republic in BGC last year. It made a mark to me because the food is quite different and unique. But the resto offers other Asian dishes which I also tried, so the chance of getting some of the authentic Singaporean food was not fully satisfied. 

My Singaporean Food Street in SM Megamall serves the very food culture of Singapore, so everything they serve are authentic, including most of the ingredients which the management import it from Singapore, like the coffee beans, chili pepper and some other stuff you can only find in Singapore. 

Just over a week ago, I had the rare chance to experience My Singapore Food Street for the very first time. Luckily, I came in a bit early, actually I was the first one to arrive and I had the opportunity to be introduced to Ms. Vivien Tan, My Singapore Food Street’s General Manager. 

Ms. Tan, a notable celebrity chef in Singapore and who happens to host her own TV show, is married to a Filipino who happens to love Singapore food. After migrating with her husband in the Philippines, she brought her passion for Singaporean cuisine and decided to put up the My Singapore Food Street, with the help of business partner Mr. Jean Henri Lhuillier of the PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies. 

The My Singapore Food Street dishes are much like the food that are being offered in the streets of Singapore. It offers the cultural diversity of the country which according to Ms. Tan, a melting pot of different Asian Culture. As a trevia, Singapore is one of the smallest country in the world which use to be part of Malaysia before. The national anthem is in Bahasa-Malaysia, a big percentage of its residents are Indians, Chinese, Malaysians and some Filipinos. Mandarin is being taught in all schools but the primary language is English

Ms. Vivien Tan, My Singapore Food Street's General Manager

Having a very diverse food culture, Singaporean foods blend perfectly in the food preference of every pinoys.  After all guests has arrived, Chef Emman invited us to have a Singaporean kitchen experience, where we took our turns to cook the food in their mini-wok station. 

"Laksa" Spicy soup noodle

After that very fun cooking experience, the management serve some of the resto’s most sought-after dishes. Their signature dishes are Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Goreng, Black Pepper Rice, Singapore Fried Rice, Stir-fried Noodles, Dishes such as Char Kway Teow and Mee Goreng and of course the Laksa, Singaporean version of Pa-thai, which is equally spicy and delicious. The Roti Pratha is best served with its signature Kopi Tarik

The My Singapore Food Street is certainly becoming the talk-of-the-town among Asian foodies around the metro. Serving authentic Singaporean dishes but with some Filipino tweaks, just enough to accustom your taste preference. It is located at 2nd floor bridgeway, SM Megamall. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Golden Ticket Events holds successful Hunger Games block screening


Golden Ticket Events an up and coming event's company recently held its successful Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 block screening and bloggers night.

Prior to the jam packed movie screening at the SM Megamall Cinema 4, Golden Ticket hosted a fun filled blogger's night at Rack's Megamall. Rack's served everyone a sumptuous dinner consisting of their best selling ribs and sides. Over dinner, Jeanil Alcantara Rack's Operations Manager updated everyone on Rack's new branch in Timog Quezon City.

Following this, Food Panda Philippines  CEO Mauro Cocchieri presented an overview about the company and its app. Food Panda is an online food ordering site which has an app that can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, and the Window's Phone Store. The Food Panda app allows users to choose from hundreds of food merchants. The app determines the users location and shows them a wide variety of choices to satisfy their every craving. Capping the bloggers night was a raffle from Torch, Bioessence, and Great Image who along with Regroe gave away lots of freebies to the bloggers.

Following the blogging event, everyone proceeded to Cinema 4 to join the throngs of movie goers who came to the screening. Each movie goer got popcorn and a bottle of Aquabest as they filed in to watch one of the year's most awaited movies. Attendees of the screening had a good time with the program which included awesome raffle prizes from Torch, Bioessence, ToppCock, Cadbury, Mary Kay, Jelly Nelly, Regroe, and MX3. 

Making the event possible are Golden Ticket's sponsors; Food Panda, Great Image, Mary Kay, Alveo, Aquabest, Evee, Skinlyn, Regroe, Pregroe, Torch, Bioessence, Chooga, El Lobo 2 in 1, Tea Kingdom, Cadbury, Bubbatealicious, Huang Shang Developent Corporation, Victoria Towers, Amada, Topp Cock, and Jelly Nelly. Golden Ticket was also assisted by its media partners; ANC, ASTIG.PH, Business Mirror, Cook Magazine, and View Magazine.

INFINIX PURE: One of the many latests of Cherry Mobile (secretly) launched at the "Captain's Ball"

2014 was a good year for Cherry Mobile starting from their release of its quad-core line ups to the Alpha series Windows Phone that was launched just this September. Now, as the year ends, the all Filipino mobile tech giant acknowledges that it has been a good year despite the tough competition in the cellular and smart phone race. And as a show of gratitude to its loyal dealers all over the country and the support of the on line media, Cherry Mobile celebrated its “thanks” with a grand appreciation party at the La Pavilion in Metrobank Plaza, Pasay City. 

Themed as “The Captain’s Ball”, Cherry Mobile honored its long time vendors since the time it took the risk to venture out and took its maiden voyage five years ago. Celebration was also graced by some of its loyal celebrity endorsers like Ms. Ann Curtis and Kim Chiu who shared their talents by rendering a few song numbers to entertain the audience. Ms. Luning-ning, a thriving sexy icon talent also made a remarkable show by performing a Pole Dance number. 

Soon after, Cherry Mobile extended its generosity to the dealers by raffling off cash prizes worth P300,000. Eight lucky vendors won P25,000 each, two won P50,000 each and the first prize bagged a trip for two to Hong-kong. Then, Mr. Meynard Ngu, the CEO of Cherry Mobile awarded the top-ten dealers and each one was given a captain’s hat to symbolically acknowledges their exceptional leadership in bringing Cherry Mobile product to their clientele. 


One of the many latest of Cherry mobile that will soon to be released in the Market (hopefully )before the year ends is the INFINIX PURE.

With all the new applications that have been coming out lately, processing these apps would require a much powerful engine. While many are still in their dual and quad-core capacities, Cherry Mobile is not slowing down to be left out in the competition by bringing an “octo-core” engine into the race. Infinix Pure is the latest of its kind. In fact this slick smart phone is not on the shelves yet and the SRP is yet to be determined. 

Luckily, we were one of the people who were able to get the first taste of experience on how INFINIX PURE can out-stand other in the “octo-core’ battle and I’m pretty excited to with the feature this smart phone has to offer. For now, I will just enumerate its basic highlights.

INFINIX PURE Specifications:

Processor – MEDIATEK
OS – Android 4.4 kitkat
Rear Cam – 8MP, Front Cam – 2MP
Processor speed and Capacity – 1.4 GHz OCTO-CORE
Wifi – wifi b/g/n, BT 4.0
LCD Display size- 5” HD IPS
YAMAHA High Fidelity Speakers
SONY Camera
Battery life – 2100 mAh
Dual Sim Capacity

As soon as this phone will be out in the market, I pretty much sure that many would be excited to grab-hold of it. A great gift to yourself or to your loved ones this coming Christmas Season.  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Beeffalo: Marikina’s hidden gastronomical delight…

It’s in the middle of nowhere, the location is out of place, there are no directions and when you can finally get there, there are no visible signage, as if the management intentionally wants to keep the restaurant elusive to people. But when we arrived, it was exactly the opposite of what we thought. Cars were piled up along the highway because the parking provision could no longer accommodate them. 

The Beeffalo by HotRocks is cozy and very homey; the grillers are stationed outdoors along with the tables for people who wish to dine outside. The signage was kind of “un-noticeable” but what captures may attention were the vintage memorabilia that were on display all around the restaurant. Then we were greeted with warm welcome by the owners, Louie Abad, Girlie Cosio-Abad and Caren Diaz.

American-style outdoor grilling

"Out of service since 1965"

Louie Abad, Girlie Cosio-Abad and Caren Diaz

 Brewed by more than twenty years of friendship, the three started venturing into the food industry way back 2004 with their first restaurant business – HotRocks in Libis, Quezon City. HotRocks was a sensational hit and just about when the restaurant was at its peak, the business was forced to closed down to give way for a major infrastructure development in the area. But after eight years of hibernation, the three decided to put up Beeffalo by Hotrocks at the far edge of Gil Fernando Avenue, Sto. Nino, Marikina City. 

Retired at TGIF, now at Beefalo

Lambretta Special 150cc...still in good working condition

Beeffalo is a typical American-style Backyard grilling experience where they specialize in Steak, Barbeque and Ribs. Last week, I just had the opportunity to visit the place and had the first hand taste of the house specialties. I was able to try the Roasted Pumpkin Soup which is a thick soup, and for those who prefer thin, they also served Seafood food corn chowder.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup at P65

Seafood and Corn Chowder at P90

Beeffalo serves two variations of Buffalo wings, the milder type and the original which is hot (really hot)are served in one order. These two variants are served with blue cheese dip and sweet chili sauce. After finishing off the chicken wings, we went straight to the Porterhouse steak and T-bone steak. These steaks were served in a medium-rare level. On the side trivia, if you want to taste the true flavor of a steak, take it on a medium-rare. Those flavors tend to dry-up if it’s well-done. 

Sweeter chix on the right...hotter chix on the left

Porterhouse (250gms) at P340

Soon after we had that scrumptious steak, We were indulged by another house specialty, the Baby-back ribs which were grilled to perfection, the meat literally fall-off from the bones. The meat dishes were served with home-made sauces specially concocted by its resident chef, Girlie Abad. In fact, most of the dishes served were signature dishes of Ms. Girlie, who despite the lack of formal training in culinary arts, has the culinary talent to transform simple “isaw” into a gourmet, fitting to be served in fine dining.

Baby back ribs (full-serving) at P740. 

Baby back Ribs (Solo-serving) at P270

"Isaw"...local street food made classy

After the sample of Beeffalo’s pastas and pizzas, our capacity to take in another dish has come to a halt. But who would turn away to dessert? Most especially if it involves cheese cake! For the last dish, Beefalo served their most sought after desserts; Dolce de Leche Cheese Cake and Brazo de Mercedes. After those grand finale sweets, what better way to wrap up the evening but with a chilled Red Wine. 

Margherita biscuit Pizza at P145

Seafood Carbonara at P165

Our Beeffalo’s gastronomical experience is surely bound to be spread around. We were surprised that many Marikina residents don’t know about it because many of Beffalo’s guests came from far off places and they have only come to know about the place via word of mouth. I wouldn’t agree more, because food as good as this one certainly deserved to be talked about.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake at P165

Brazo de Mercedez at P125

So where exactly is Beeffalo? I’m not sure. All I know is it’s somewhere within the vast stretch of tall grasses along Gil Fernando Avenue. I don’t really know exactly. But hey, if you yearn for good tasting grilled food hub in Marikina, you have to seek it out yourself. and when you get there, you will certianly know that its worth the find.   

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Now, it’s simply GERRY’S…

With over seventy branches worldwide, the house-hold name Gerry’s grill Bar and Restaurant finally drops the “grill” from the brand name. For many brands which are trying to make a mark in the market today, re-branding a popular name can be a risky move. But for a name like Gerry’s, the restaurant synonymous to perfectly grilled dishes, the re-branding move is simply a re-birth of something much better for everyone to experience at Gerry’s.

One exciting new hub to visit is Gerry’s new found sibling, Sweet Chili, the hottest Thai-resto that hits Fisher mall and its being the talk of the town by many food and resto junkies. With seventy branches, Gerry’s is not slowing down in its opening of its branches not just here in the Philippines but in some parts of the globe as well.

A few days ago, Gerry’s launches another restaurant at the second floor of SM Sta. Mesa. The event was hosted by the owner himself Mr. Gerry Apolinario. The opening was graced by friends from the media and of course some of Gerry’s loyal patrons and partners.

The dinner was celebrated by some of Gerry’s top selling and signature dishes where you cannot find it in any other Bar and Grill. Although I’m sure others have their own version of “sisig”, but only Gerry’s can make it far different and much more delicious than any other place. The marinate mix of the grilled chicken is something that is so mysterious; I’ve tried duplicating it at home but failed. I guess that’s one of Gerry’ top secret recipes that keep people coming back for more.

Here are some of Gerry’s best selling items in their menu: Special Bulalo, Kare-kare, Lumpiang Shanghai and of course the world famous Crispy Pata. 

Other than SM Sta. Mesa, Gerry’s is also opening branches in SM Malolos, Bulacan, Ayala Terraces, Fairview, Naga, Iligan, Cauayan in Isabela, Tuguegarao, and at the new Fishermall along Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. Gerry’s is not only opening new branches, but also reopening old one as well. So if happen to be in Cubao, you might want to drop by Ali Mall and try visiting a re-opened branch there. And If you’re visiting the US, Singapore or Quatar, you might want to visit them there too.

while other similar restos keep the "grill" attached to their name to capture the grilled-food lover market, Gerry's is dropping it because everyone kows that nobody can grill it better it better than Gerry's. 


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